Friday, 11 December 2009

Going digital

Digital Media is the latest thing in the Bible Translation world. Everyone's talking about it! The fact is that whether those of us over 40 like it or not, most of the younger generation inhabit a virtual world that intersects more or less with the real world. To them the virtual world is real. This means they are far more likely to spend time interacting with others online than sitting watching TV. If they are into gaming they game with others, online. The question is, will we soon be moving in the direction of virtual Bible studies, and virtual worship? Hmmm... Most of us are not too sure about the latter. But virtual churches do exist, and are likely to become more and more popular in the future. I think it might work as long as folk get together periodically. To be only virtual would be odd. How can you truly interact with each other?

As for virtual Bibles - you can now read or listen to the Bible online, download it for your computer, PDA or mobile phone, read and listen to it on your DVD player, or get it on an MP3 player. There are even tiny solar-powered mp3 players with Bible readings on them for places where electricity and batteries are hard to get hold of. This is all very exciting! It means that speakers of languages all over the world will be able to access the scriptures in a format that suits them, wherever they live. A lot of us are going to be putting a great deal of work into making sure that this is done in a good way. Please remember us all!