Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Spirit

In the Old Testament there are at least sixteen ways of talking about the Spirit coming on people:

  1. (the Spirit) rested on

  2. (the Spirit) was put on

  3. in whom is the Spirit

  4. (the Spirit) came on

  5. (the Spirit) stirred up

  6. (the Spirit) clothed

  7. (the Spirit) rushed upon

  8. (the Spirit) carried

  9. (the Spirit) caught (him) up

  10. (the Spirit) lifted (me) up

  11. (the Spirit) was poured on

  12. full of (power and) the Spirit of the LORD

  13. I have put my Spirit on

  14. (the Spirit) entered into

  15. (the Spirit) fell upon

  16. in the Spirit

Many of these are in little-read books like Numbers, Judges, and Ezekiel! What a lot we're missing out on by neglecting these wonderful books...

Today I've been checking these in the Old Testament - if you want a list of references I can send them to you, and you can study them for yourself :)

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